Worried About Addiction?

Heartland Intervention

When drug or alcohol addiction strikes a family it invokes many feelings and thoughts.  Often families give money, rides, cell phones, housing and more in an effort to help the addict in the addiction recovery. Often families are trying to keep things from getting worse.  While the motive might be pure the family often finds that their efforts don’t produce the hoped-for effect.  Sadly, the addict avoids the natural consequences of their choices.  The result is an increase in  frustration that can lead to arguments, threats, resentments and more. The Beaches Treatment Center is the the highest rated Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Center.

During the intervention planning process, Heartland Intervention works with families on developing the best possible attitude toward the alcoholic or addict.  That attitude states, “We are willing to do almost anything to support you in recovery.  But we are no longer willing to do much of anything to support you in addiction.”  By adopting this mindset, families are really acknowledging three things.

  1. We have done things out of love that have enabled the addiction.
  2. We are taking a stand for our loved one and against addiction.
  3. We are choosing a healthier course for ourselves independent of the decision of others.

I further elaborated on this points at Basement Flood Cleanup. On the topic at hand though, choosing recovery is a decision that every member of the family must come to grips with.   It involves individual decisions that utilize healthy boundaries and are designed to protect marriages, young children, financial resources and more.

If your family is struggling with addiction it may be time to reach out to Heartland Intervention, LLC for help as part of your Addiction Recovery Therapy to beat this problem   We are a leading provider of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Our founder Scott J. Watson is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor, Master Addictions Counselor and DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional.  Call him today at 877-752-8811 and learn how you can adopt the best possible attitude to help your loved one overcome addiction.

Does Intervention Work?

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When addiction has ravaged a family, members are often both desperate yet afraid to take action.  On one hand there is an overwhelming fear that the current path will lead to death.    Yet families often have at least one member concerned that intervention will make a bad situation worse.  As a leader in intervention services in Indiana and beyond, Heartland Intervention is often asked, “Does intervention work?”.

Focus on a Known Solution

Before calling us, most families have spent lots of money, time, tears and energy trying to make things better.  Sadly, those efforts are often focused on what the addict or family member thinks will help.  Despite these efforts, addiction continues  to erode relationships, health, finances, freedom and more.  While often perceived as a dramatic step, an intervention is designed to pierce the hallmarks of anger, denial and dishonesty and get the alcoholic or addict to engage in treatment.  Intervention focuses time, effort, energy and money on a known clinical solution.

Beth’s Story

Three years ago, Beth’s parents decided on intervention in an effort to save her life.  At the actual intervention, Beth was angry.  She lashed out and  threatened not to speak to her family ever again.  She did however agree to go to treatment from the intervention which was well crafted by Heartland Intervention, LLC.  She completed 31 days of inpatient addiction treatment and completed an aftercare group in her supported living community.  Beth called our office last week to tell us that she has been clean and sober for three years.  She is working full-time and is hoping to get married later this year.

If you are worried about a loved-one’s drinking or drug use, don’t wait.  Call Heartland Intervention, LLC today at 877-752-8811.  Our founder Scott J. Watson is eager to hear about your situation and discuss how intervention can make a difference.  Begging and arguing rarely are sufficient to get someone into substance abuse treatment.  Call Heartland Intervention today because intervention really does work!

Getting What You Pay For

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Recently a group of addiction professionals was asked if the cost of residential addiction treatment is worth the cost.  The response was both lively and thought provoking.  There are many factors to consider when placing someone in residential treatment for substance abuse.  These include clinical focus, geography, ability to handle co-occurring issues and of course…cost.

Addiction is costly in ways that money alone can not measure.  But residential addiction treatment can be shockingly expensive.  The goal is to find clinically appropriate treatment at a price-point that makes sense for the family considering intervention.

The most expensive treatment centers can charge between $35,000-nearly $60,000 for one month of in-patient addiction treatment.  Even for the wealthy, that is a significant amount of money.  On the other end of the scale, there are programs that charge about $7,500 for a 30-day stay.  Many communities have programs administered by Salvation Army or other agencies that allow for residential stays for $1,000 or less.

Experience shows that while it is possible to get sober in both expensive and inexpensive programs some are better than others.  Thus, the price tag is not always the best indicator of a program’s worth.  At some programs, clients pay for a nice view, private quarters, private chef, and other amenities not essential to addictions treatment.  Others offer specialized treatment modalities such as EMDR.  Still, money spent on treatment always offers more hope when compared to the cost of addiction.

The political and economic climate is likely to have a significant impact on both the form and cost of addictions treatment in America.  This means that even greater care must be given to assure that our clients are getting the best therapeutic experience for their treatment dollar.

At Heartland Intervention, a leading provider of Indiana intervention services, we work with the best treatment centers from across the country.  Some are very expensive and some are less so.  But each facility that we utilize has a track record of clinical outcomes that is exemplary.  In short, we work only with  the best!

If you or a loved one is considering addiction treatment, contact Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811 to discuss treatment options that are both clinically appropriate and affordable.


Lost the Ability to Choose

When addicts and alcoholics are actively using, they seem to have lost the ability to choose.  One person said, “I was using against my own will.”  Many have said they wouldn’t have known how to stop even if they had wanted to.  Drinking or drug use just becomes a way of life until the person’s world grows smaller and smaller.  That’s why at Heartland Intervention, we always want to remind folks that there is a way  out.

Family Choices

It is horribly painful to watch a loved-one melt into a life where alcohol or drug use swallows the person.  The slowly become more distant, less honest and more angry.  Before long, the family feels that they have lost the person.  They are angry, scared and not sure what they can do to help.  They are afraid any action will make things even worse.  That is the blessing of intevention.  An intervention allows the family the support and structure they need to help their family member find the way out.  It is a loving and structured way to support a person’s recovery and offer an alternative to the lost family member.

Sober Choices

Once a person gets clean/sober the ability to choose is restored as well.  In recovery, a addict learns that all she has to do today is the “next right thing”.  Because early sobriety can be overwhelming, the simplicity of doing “the next right thing” is a useful tool that builds confidence and honors the second chance that the addict has been given.  It also is a way to honor the family for helping to save a life through the intervention process.

It can be argued that the most powerful trait that a human can possess is the ability to choose.  Yet substance abuse and fear can rob even the most loving and caring person. Loving choices can save a life and a family.  Heartland Intervention exists to help families and individuals when the stakes matter most.  Call us today at 877/752-8811.