Oh So Grateful…

Well, I have decided to retire……

When I started Heartland Intervention, LLC in February of 2007 there was no blueprint. My goal was to help individuals and families search for meaningful recovery from alcohol, drugs and corrosive behaviors.

Things started slow….and lean. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful group of mentors to guide me as a therapist and businessman. In short order, there were treatment centers, education providers, companies and colleagues that began to notice and partner with me. MANY of them, I still work with today. While the list is LONG- I would like to mention Pam Ruster, Mike Denton, Jim Ryser, Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Lee Mauk and Saplist.com, WIBC, Fox 59, WTHR Channel 13 and Greg Wooden especially. Again- the list is FAR longer but these folks were ethical and the VERY best at what they did for many, many years.

Whether you sought an assessment, intervention, therapy or used me as a consultant/speaker/guest- I was always proud to be ethical and professional in every interaction. That combined with those mentioned above, and many more, allowed Heartland Intervention to grow and serve so many families in their moments of deep need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Over the next few weeks, I will connect with active clients, frequent referral sources and others with some thoughts on where they can turn next. There are still good and ethical people in the addiction/recovery space—but there are many who I am not comfortable suggesting. If you have questions- reach out via email.

The best part of my job over the past 17.5 years has been watching or hearing from clients who found real/sustainable recovery- free from alcohol and drugs. Way To Go! I will continue to pray for you and those who are still struggling. I KNOW it is hard…. But I know it is possible if you work for it. I see you. I remember you. I am still cheering for you!

As for what’s next- I will increase my time on the boat, pickleball court and golf course. I will continue my daily radio show Hearing Voices with Scott Watson which airs in West Michigan and then is available on all major streaming platforms. I will also travel- a LOT health permitting. Feel free to email….I am RETIRING not DYING. Xaipe! (Look it up)

Welcome 2023- Our Sweet 16

Heartland Intervention
Contact us at scottwatson@heartlandintervention.com

It’s sometimes hard to believe but we celebrate our 16th birthday in February, 2023. That means we are entering our 17th year helping individuals and families. We are always mindful that it is an honor and privilege to help individuals and families navigate the often challenging waters that can come their way. Whether it is a failed DOT test, assessments for court, treatment facilitation or an intervention, Heartland Intervention and our founder Scott J. Watson has the clinical credentials and proven track record of providing quality clinical and non-clinical services in an ethical and responsible manner.

As we begin 2023, most of our services continue to be remote in nature. That means that Scott will handle most assessments and counseling sessions via secure Zoom in accordance with federal rule (49 CFR 40) and state law. And- in 2023 our office will see NO FEE INCREASES. That means we will continue to offer excellent services at the same prices as before. In fact- Scott’s standard therapy rate remains what it was when we opened 16 years ago.

You can reach out to us directly at scottwatson@heartlandintervention.com to ask questions or get any of the paperwork necessary to begin an assessment or counseling process. Founder Scott Watson has a front row seat to watch lives improve. And again this year- we look forward to helping those who are in need of DOT/SAP services, assessments for legal or workplace violations and those who need therapy related to stress/coping, anxiety, shame or any of a variety of substance-related issues.

I Need An Assessment

Heartland Intervention, LLC

Whether clients are facing criminal charges such as a DUI or civil issues like divorce and child custody issues- many attorneys suggest their clients get an independent substance use evaluation. These evaluations can prove valuable in reducing jail or probation time or can aid in getting driver’s privileges reinstated.

While the idea of getting a drug/alcohol evaluation can be dauting, it is a service that we have offered for many years. Heartland Intervention, LLC founder Scott J Watson specializes in evaluation. Each evaluation will come with clinical and/or educational recommendations where appropriate. Every client will receive an assessment letter which can be used in court, for probation or to comply with workplace policy violations.

If you would like to know more…or if you’d like to schedule an evaluation- we are here to help. Contact Scott directly by email at scottwatson@heartlandintervention.com. He has the professional experience to guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.

Proposed Changes


Scott Watson is a Qualified DOT/SAP.
Call Heartland Intervention at 317-752-8811 for all your DOT/SAP needs.

ODAPC has issued a host of proposed changes to the rules that govern many aspects of the DOT testing and compliance. While this is not the place to detail them all, Heartland Intervention is following these developments closely and will continue to follow all of the DOT guidance.

Among the changes that are proposed are the testing of saliva in addition to urine as a means of determining compliance. The DOT also seems poised to allow for remote assessments of those engaged in the Return to Duty Process going forward. Heartland founder Scott J Watson says, “It’s good to see that the rules are keeping up with the realities. All too often things change too slowly but these changes seem to mostly make sense.”.

If you are an employer or an employee that has ANY questions about DOT compliance- please reach out. We are hear to serve you and our experience and expertise in unmatched.

2022 DOT Testing Rates

Scott Watson is a Qualified DOT/SAP.
Call Heartland Intervention at 317-752-8811 for all your DOT/SAP needs.

The DOT today issued the Random Testing Rates determined by ODAPC for each of the various modal agencies. The Federal Railroad Administration annual random drug testing rate for Maintenance-of-Way employees will be 25% in 2022. The annual testing rates for all other DOT Agencies will remain the same as they were for 2021.

If you have questions about any DOT drug and alcohol return to duty compliance issues, contact our office. Scott J. Watson is a qualified DOT/SAP and is available to answer your questions.