Why Consider an Intervention?

When a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol use, the entire family can be thrown into turmoil. An odd mix of worry, concern and anger can divide and fracture even the strongest families. When addiction is the problem, Heartland Intervention can help.

Don’t wait!  Contact us today at 317-752-8811.  We are eager to hear how addiction is impacting your family.  Together we can discuss next steps that a family can take. We are also happy to meet with your family to answer ALL of your questions and see if intervention is right for you.

“I’m Afraid I will Make it Worse”.

This is a common fear.  Yet experience and the primary recovery text both tell us that waiting will make things worse.  In fact without treatment, addiction leads to “jails, institutions and death”.  We will work with you to develop a strategy to help your loved one. 

Don’t They Have to “Hit Bottom”?

NO!  This is a common but deadly myth.  A loving intervention for alcohol or drug use is designed to raise a person’s bottom so that they can get help before they lose their marriage, children, job, freedom or life.  Don’t delay…  Please call Heartland Intervention today to discuss how we can help get your loved one the help that is needed. 

Next Steps…

1.      Call:          Heartland Intervention today at 317-752-8811.

2.      Learn:       There are several options available to you and your family. You may not NEED an intervention.

3.      Act:            Take action that may save your loved-one’s life.

Families tell us that our document Five Questions Before the Intervention has been a very helpful tool.  We are happy to send it to you at no cost!  Email us at and ask for the 5 Questions Tool. We will send it promptly. Or call Scott directly at 317-752-8811.

Types of Interventions

Heartland Intervention, LLC is a leading provider of intervention services in Indiana.  We have experience in conducting many types of interventions including:

* Alcohol Intervention
* Amphetamine Intervention
* Benzodiazepine Intervention
* Cocaine intervention
* Crack Intervention
* Marijuana Intervention
* Opiate Intervention
* Opioid Intervention
* Others like LSD, PCP, MDMA, and Huffing Intervention
* Prescription Pill Intervention
*Process Addiction Intervention such as gambling, sex and porn.

While the substances may be different- recovery from addiction is similar. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Our founder Scott J. Watson has over 13 years of intervention experience. Over 92% of his interventions result in admission to treatment. He travels throughout the country facilitating interventions for families in need.