Lifeline Law Saves Lives

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Everyday the news is filled with stories about overdoses, gun violence and other tragedies.  Often drugs and alcohol use, abuse or sales play a central role in these tragedies.  As students head back to school we focus again on college campuses where the problem of substance abuse and sexual assault is a daily reality.  While others work to change the culture, there is one tool designed to save lives TODAY!

Indiana Lifeline Law

In 2014, State Senator Jim Merritt authored legislation designed to give immunity from alcohol related prosecution to any minor who calls to report a medical-emergency or crime.  Merritt explains that it’s not about giving bad behavior a free pass but rather getting life-saving help to those who need it the most.

Every year we read of accidental overdoses or serious injuries to students who are drunk or under the influence.  It is easy to sit back and be critical or wring our hands fearing that there is nothing that can be done.

Call to Action

If you are the parent, sibling, or loved one of an Indiana student you can help.  Make sure they are aware of Indiana’s Lifeline Law!  Click HERE to learn more about it.  And if someone you love is struggling with a drinking or substance abuse problem, do not wait.  Call Scott J. Watson at Heartland Intervention, LLC today at 317-752-8811.  We exist to lovingly offer recovery instead of addiction to families suffering from substance abuse and more.

Getting What You Pay For

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Recently a group of addiction professionals was asked if the cost of residential addiction treatment is worth the cost.  The response was both lively and thought provoking.  There are many factors to consider when placing someone in residential treatment for substance abuse.  These include clinical focus, geography, ability to handle co-occurring issues and of course…cost.

Addiction is costly in ways that money alone can not measure.  But residential addiction treatment can be shockingly expensive.  The goal is to find clinically appropriate treatment at a price-point that makes sense for the family considering intervention.

The most expensive treatment centers can charge between $35,000-nearly $60,000 for one month of in-patient addiction treatment.  Even for the wealthy, that is a significant amount of money.  On the other end of the scale, there are programs that charge about $7,500 for a 30-day stay.  Many communities have programs administered by Salvation Army or other agencies that allow for residential stays for $1,000 or less.

Experience shows that while it is possible to get sober in both expensive and inexpensive programs some are better than others.  Thus, the price tag is not always the best indicator of a program’s worth.  At some programs, clients pay for a nice view, private quarters, private chef, and other amenities not essential to addictions treatment.  Others offer specialized treatment modalities such as EMDR.  Still, money spent on treatment always offers more hope when compared to the cost of addiction.

The political and economic climate is likely to have a significant impact on both the form and cost of addictions treatment in America.  This means that even greater care must be given to assure that our clients are getting the best therapeutic experience for their treatment dollar.

At Heartland Intervention, a leading provider of Indiana intervention services, we work with the best treatment centers from across the country.  Some are very expensive and some are less so.  But each facility that we utilize has a track record of clinical outcomes that is exemplary.  In short, we work only with  the best!

If you or a loved one is considering addiction treatment, contact Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811 to discuss treatment options that are both clinically appropriate and affordable.