Lost the Ability to Choose

When addicts and alcoholics are actively using, they seem to have lost the ability to choose.  One person said, “I was using against my own will.”  Many have said they wouldn’t have known how to stop even if they had wanted to.  Drinking or drug use just becomes a way of life until the person’s world grows smaller and smaller.  That’s why at Heartland Intervention, we always want to remind folks that there is a way  out.

Family Choices

It is horribly painful to watch a loved-one melt into a life where alcohol or drug use swallows the person.  The slowly become more distant, less honest and more angry.  Before long, the family feels that they have lost the person.  They are angry, scared and not sure what they can do to help.  They are afraid any action will make things even worse.  That is the blessing of intevention.  An intervention allows the family the support and structure they need to help their family member find the way out.  It is a loving and structured way to support a person’s recovery and offer an alternative to the lost family member.

Sober Choices

Once a person gets clean/sober the ability to choose is restored as well.  In recovery, a addict learns that all she has to do today is the “next right thing”.  Because early sobriety can be overwhelming, the simplicity of doing “the next right thing” is a useful tool that builds confidence and honors the second chance that the addict has been given.  It also is a way to honor the family for helping to save a life through the intervention process.

It can be argued that the most powerful trait that a human can possess is the ability to choose.  Yet substance abuse and fear can rob even the most loving and caring person. Loving choices can save a life and a family.  Heartland Intervention exists to help families and individuals when the stakes matter most.  Call us today at 877/752-8811.