Scott J. Watson Speaking Bio

Scott J. Watson is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor, Master Addictions Counselor and founder of Heartland Intervention, LLC.  In addition to his private practice, Mr. Watson is a staff therapist and trainer for several large EAPs (employee assistance program) in Indiana and has worked as an Assessment Specialist in one of the state’s busiest trauma centers.  He also hosts a daily radio/interview show.

A qualified DOT/SAP, Scott conducts many assessments for individuals and companies. Scott’s experience and background in mental health, broadcasting, education, emergency medicine and ministry gives him a unique ability to work with addicts and families.  Scott’s stories, personality and speaking style make him a sought after speaker.  He holds a BA from Hope College, an Ed Cert from Indiana University and a MA in Community Counseling and Addictions Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University. Scott serves on the Alumni Board at Hope College.

Known for taking a loving but firm approach with clients, Scott’s success rate as an interventionist is surpassed only by the approval and gratitude of those he works with and speaks to.  Scott has been committed to helping people find recovery for the past 17-plus years. 

Books Published

In 1999 he published The Court Report:  Stories from the bleachers, fields and penalty boxes of life.  In 2014, Watson co-authored an awareness campaign designed to combat youth suicide with Senator Jim Merritt.  He published his second book, An Unlikely Journey: Surviving, Celebrating, and Coping With Your Life in 2015.  He served as Project Manager on Kiritsis and Me: Enduring 63 Hours at Gunpoint by Dick Hall and Lisa Hendrickson (2017, MT Publishing).  His latest book Confetti @ 50 was released in 2019.

Media Experience

A regular contributor on radio stations WIBC and WHTC, Scott had been featured on NPR, and television stations WTHR, WXIN, WISH, WRTV, ESPN, The Indianapolis Star and numerous other media outlets.  He currently hosts Hearing Voices which can be heard daily on WHTC and accessed on-demand. Scott is grateful that his work gives him a “Front row seat to watch people’s lives change”.

Scott J. Watson- Personal

Scott J. Watson resides in Indianapolis and Sarasota. A frequent traveler, when not working, enjoys hillbilly music, hiking, cooking, pickleball and playing the dulcimer.  For 16 years he has fed thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail.  He has two adult sons. The Goose- a nurse and Space Cowboy Stacee Alexander- a professional wrestler.

Scott J. Watson:  Relevant Speaking Experience

Scott J. Watson is also host of the popular daily interview show Hearing Voices with Scott Watson which airs daily on WHTC and is available after it airs on various entertainment/podcast platforms. Scott is formerly a regular contributor on WTHR Ch. 13 and WXIN Fox 59 television in Indianapolis.  He is a frequent guest on 93.1 WIBC radio.  He has guested with Indy’s Morning News with Steve Simpson, Indy’s Afternoon News with Ed Wenk, Abdul at Large, Tony Katz, Jeffrey Rickard, Hammer and Nigel, John Kesler, The First Day and more.  Scott has also appeared on numerous other radio and television stations as well as in various print publications.

Some Previous Speaking Engagements

Hamilton County Government Employees:  Lessons From Your Junk Drawer: for today and beyond.  Noblesville, IN (December, 2019)

Hamilton County Corrections Department:  Communications Training and Substance Abuse Training. Noblesville, IN (August, 2019)

3rd Annual Carolinas Symposium on Young Adult Treatment:  High Wire Act:  Stress and Coping Under the Big Top.  Asheville, NC  (June, 2019)

Cumberland Heights Training:  Assessing Our Clients:  It’s Everyone’s Responsibility. Nashville, TN (February, 2019)

Brown County Addictions Conference:  Addiction in Indiana. Nashville, IN (November, 2018)

Hamilton Co. Parks Department:  Sustainability for People and Parks.  Noblesville, IN (March, 2018)

Cumberland Heights:  Various Training Topics.  Nashville, TN (February 2018)

Compass Community Church:  Making Recovery Work: Seven Skills to Improve Spiritual Fitness.  Dallas, TX (November, 2017)

Compass Community Church:  I Was Wrong: Thoughts About Addiction and Recovery. Dallas, TX (November, 2017)

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department:  Kiritsis and Me:  Lessons from 63 hours at gunpoint (with hostage Dick Hall) Indianapolis, IN (September, 2017)

Indiana Association of Occupational Health Nurses:  Substance Abuse at Work:  Trends, Testing and Thoughts.  French Lick, IN (September, 2017)

Indiana Statewide REMC:  Customer Service/Stress Management Training. Avon, IN (April, 2017 and September, 2017)

Red Oak Recovery:  Great Moments in Recovery. Ashville, NC (August, 2017)

Howard County Family Service Association Conference:  Strengthening Families:  Getting off the Merry Go Round and Still Enjoying the Ride, Kokomo, IN (April, 2017)

Association for Public Safety Communication/National Emergency Number Assn. Conference, Indianapolis, IN:  The Triumphant Dispatcher: Blue Lights, Boundaries, Balance and Burnout.  (April, 2017)

Emergency Management Agencies of Indiana Conference, Indianapolis, IN:  Five Things You’ve Gotta Know About Stress and Coping  (October, 2016)

Desperate Households Conference, Columbus, IN:  Dirty Words and Damning Messages (October, 2016)

Indianapolis Metro Police Department Wellness Symposium, Indianapolis, IN:  The Triumphant Officer (April, 2016)

Prevent Child Abuse Howard County, Kokomo, IN:  Responding to Addiction: Politicians, Police, Parents and Possibilities (April, 2016)

Prevent Child Abuse Howard County, Kokomo, IN:  Good for the Goose…Good for the Gander: Stress and Coping for You and Those You Serve (April, 2016)

THE Institute for Strengthening Families, Indianapolis, IN:  Various topics (April. 2016)

Drug Free Marion County, Indianapolis, IN:  Panel Discussion Member (April, 2016)

Marion County Courts, Indianapolis, IN:  Problem and Solution:  Politicians, Police, Parents, Prisons and Possibilities (March, 2016)

Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Parks Division, Nashville, IN:  Know, Sow, Grow and Flow: Sustainability for Parks and People (March, 2016)

Brown County Addiction Conference, Nashville, IN:  Recovery Insights:  Politicians, Police, Parents and Possibilities (November, 2015)

Palm Beach Institute, Palm Beach, FL:  I Was Wrong! Lessons learned over 13 years in recovery.  (October, 2015)

2015 INAFSM State Conference, Angola, IN: Stormy Water and Flooded Plains…Lessons in Leadership.  (September, 2015)

Food For Thought, Valle Vista Hospital, Greenwood, IN: A Therapeutic Journey: 7 things you can teach your clients that will help too. (August, 2015)

8th Annual Susan Li Conference, Indianapolis, IN: Dirty Words and Damaging Messages:  Keys to family addiction and recovery.  (July, 2015)

10th Annual FTA National Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference, Atlanta, GA: The DOT-Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP): Roles and Responsibilities.  (April, 2015)

Indiana Div. of Fish and Wildlife Annual Conference, Nashville, IN:  Rekindling the Dream:  Staying Afloat When the Going Gets Tough.  (March, 2015)

Great Lakes Parks Leadership Institute, Angola, IN: Conquering Stress. (February, 2015)

Indiana State Parks Manager’s Conference, Angola, IN:  Stuff I’ve Learned in a Park  and Racehorse or Mule: Why leaders and mentors matter. (November, 2014)

Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference, Little Rock, AK:  The DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional: Roles and Responsibilities.  (April, 2014)

Indiana Counseling Association, Winona Lake, IN:  Intervention:  More than just a television show.  (March, 2014)

Great Lakes Parks Leadership Institute, Angola, IN:  So You’ve Gotta Give a Speech (February, 2014)

IMPD Promotion Class:  Indianapolis, IN:  Private training and topic  (December 13, 2013)

Indianapolis Police Department Wellness Symposium, Indianapolis, IN:  High Wire Act: Critical Skills for Officers.  (November, 2013)

New Life Lodge, Burns, TN:  Focus on the Solution: Things I’ve learned in recovery. (September, 2013)

Community Associations of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN:  High Wire Act:  5 Things you must know about stress management.  (August, 2013)

Indiana Employee Assistance Program Association, Indianapolis, IN: Drugs: What We are Seeing and What we are Doing About it. (December 2012 and January 2013)

Drug Free Jackson County (IN), Seymour, IN: Intervention…More than a television show (May, 2013)

Revenue North Business Growth Summit, Indianapolis, IN:  Speed of the Leader…Speed of the Team. (March, 2013)

Great Lakes Parks Leadership Institute, Angola, IN:  Four Pictures:  How a knife, pen, creek and plate might save your job, marriage or life. (February, 2013)

Indiana Counselor Association Annual Conference, Terre Haute, IN:  Substance Abuse Assessment and Intervention.  (February, 2013)

Meadows Hospital, Bloomington, IN:  Drugs:  What are we seeing? (February, 2013)

Indiana Parks and Recreation Association, Carmel, IN: Stress…Eating your Problems for Lunch.  (December, 2012)

Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, Indianapolis, IN: Substance Use in the Workplace.  (October, 2012)

Indiana School Social Workers Association Annual Conference, Plainfield, IN:  Stress Management Under the Big Top: balancing kids, faculty and parents. (October, 2012)

Great Lakes Parks Leadership Institute, Pokagon State Park, Angola, IN: Confessions of a Camp Counselor…25 years later.  (February, 2012)

Indiana Motor Truck Association Young Leaders Conference, Indianapolis, IN:  Substance Abuse, Use and Policy (November, 2011)

Valle Vista Addictions Conference, Indianapolis, IN:  Substance Use Assessment. (June, 2011)

Stephen Ministry Training Conference, St Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN:  ADDICTION:  A Christian View.

Food For Thought, Valle Vista Hospital, Greenwood, IN:  Substance Related Assessment and Intervention.  (May, 2009)

Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis, IN: INTERVENTION:  History and Practice. (November, 2008)

 The Problem and Solution: A look at substance abuse has been given to numerous professional and civic groups over the past several years.

In addition, trainings have been offered for numerous companies on behalf of various EAPs including Supportive Systems, LLC, Solutions, Anthem and many more.