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Facing Legal Issues: Get an Assessment

Whether you are facing charges for DUI or possession, are in a custody dispute or have a workplace policy violation- getting an independent substance use evaluation and assessment can be helpful. Many lawyers recommend our founder, Scott J. Watson to their clients who need assessments. He has over 13 years of assessment experience and has trained many on clinical evaluations.

What to Expect

Assessment appointments generally take about an hour and include both an interview and several assessment tools. This allows for the best information. Clients are given any clinical or educational recommendations and a diagnostic impression where appropriate. Most clients receive an assessment letter within 24 hours. Clients may forward the letter on to an attorney, probation department or workplace policy coordinator. Currently, most assessments are taking place via secure Zoom video conference.

DOT/SAP Services

Heartland Intervention specializes in affordable and professional assessments for substance abuse and some mental health issues. Scott J. Watson is a qualified DOT Substance Abuse Professional. If you have questions about DOT Assessments click HERE. For more info about CFR Part 40 violations, click HERE. The entire DOT Rule can be read HERE.

Heartland Intervention our founder Scott Watson is one of the nation’s leading DOT Substance Abuse Professionals. Scott works hard to secure transportation safety and to be a trusted resource for clients, employers and others who have questions about the federal rule.

Don’t Know Where to Turn?

Families reach out to Heartland Intervention when they are scared, angry or confused. Disturbed by a loved-one’s drinking or drug use? – Call us at 317-752-8811. Our founder, Scott J. Watson meets every week with families seeking guidance about what to do next. Many families have no experience dealing with addiction and Heartland Intervention is here to help.

Affordable, Experienced, Professional

Costs for assessment vary by type and can be discussed when you schedule your appointment. Don’t wait- email Scott today at