I Need An Assessment

Heartland Intervention, LLC

Whether clients are facing criminal charges such as a DUI or civil issues like divorce and child custody issues- many attorneys suggest their clients get an independent substance use evaluation. These evaluations can prove valuable in reducing jail or probation time or can aid in getting driver’s privileges reinstated.

While the idea of getting a drug/alcohol evaluation can be dauting, it is a service that we have offered for many years. Heartland Intervention, LLC founder Scott J Watson specializes in evaluation. Each evaluation will come with clinical and/or educational recommendations where appropriate. Every client will receive an assessment letter which can be used in court, for probation or to comply with workplace policy violations.

If you would like to know more…or if you’d like to schedule an evaluation- we are here to help. Contact Scott directly by email at scottwatson@heartlandintervention.com. He has the professional experience to guide you through the process quickly and efficiently.

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