Oh So Grateful…

Well, I have decided to retire……

When I started Heartland Intervention, LLC in February of 2007 there was no blueprint. My goal was to help individuals and families search for meaningful recovery from alcohol, drugs and corrosive behaviors.

Things started slow….and lean. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful group of mentors to guide me as a therapist and businessman. In short order, there were treatment centers, education providers, companies and colleagues that began to notice and partner with me. MANY of them, I still work with today. While the list is LONG- I would like to mention Pam Ruster, Mike Denton, Jim Ryser, Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Lee Mauk and Saplist.com, WIBC, Fox 59, WTHR Channel 13 and Greg Wooden especially. Again- the list is FAR longer but these folks were ethical and the VERY best at what they did for many, many years.

Whether you sought an assessment, intervention, therapy or used me as a consultant/speaker/guest- I was always proud to be ethical and professional in every interaction. That combined with those mentioned above, and many more, allowed Heartland Intervention to grow and serve so many families in their moments of deep need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Over the next few weeks, I will connect with active clients, frequent referral sources and others with some thoughts on where they can turn next. There are still good and ethical people in the addiction/recovery space—but there are many who I am not comfortable suggesting. If you have questions- reach out via email.

The best part of my job over the past 17.5 years has been watching or hearing from clients who found real/sustainable recovery- free from alcohol and drugs. Way To Go! I will continue to pray for you and those who are still struggling. I KNOW it is hard…. But I know it is possible if you work for it. I see you. I remember you. I am still cheering for you!

As for what’s next- I will increase my time on the boat, pickleball court and golf course. I will continue my daily radio show Hearing Voices with Scott Watson which airs in West Michigan and then is available on all major streaming platforms. I will also travel- a LOT health permitting. Feel free to email….I am RETIRING not DYING. Xaipe! (Look it up)

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