Welcome 2023- Our Sweet 16

Heartland Intervention
Contact us at scottwatson@heartlandintervention.com

It’s sometimes hard to believe but we celebrate our 16th birthday in February, 2023. That means we are entering our 17th year helping individuals and families. We are always mindful that it is an honor and privilege to help individuals and families navigate the often challenging waters that can come their way. Whether it is a failed DOT test, assessments for court, treatment facilitation or an intervention, Heartland Intervention and our founder Scott J. Watson has the clinical credentials and proven track record of providing quality clinical and non-clinical services in an ethical and responsible manner.

As we begin 2023, most of our services continue to be remote in nature. That means that Scott will handle most assessments and counseling sessions via secure Zoom in accordance with federal rule (49 CFR 40) and state law. And- in 2023 our office will see NO FEE INCREASES. That means we will continue to offer excellent services at the same prices as before. In fact- Scott’s standard therapy rate remains what it was when we opened 16 years ago.

You can reach out to us directly at scottwatson@heartlandintervention.com to ask questions or get any of the paperwork necessary to begin an assessment or counseling process. Founder Scott Watson has a front row seat to watch lives improve. And again this year- we look forward to helping those who are in need of DOT/SAP services, assessments for legal or workplace violations and those who need therapy related to stress/coping, anxiety, shame or any of a variety of substance-related issues.

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