Proposed Changes

Scott Watson is a Qualified DOT/SAP.
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ODAPC has issued a host of proposed changes to the rules that govern many aspects of the DOT testing and compliance. While this is not the place to detail them all, Heartland Intervention is following these developments closely and will continue to follow all of the DOT guidance.

Among the changes that are proposed are the testing of saliva in addition to urine as a means of determining compliance. The DOT also seems poised to allow for remote assessments of those engaged in the Return to Duty Process going forward. Heartland founder Scott J Watson says, “It’s good to see that the rules are keeping up with the realities. All too often things change too slowly but these changes seem to mostly make sense.”.

If you are an employer or an employee that has ANY questions about DOT compliance- please reach out. We are hear to serve you and our experience and expertise in unmatched.

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