Off To Treatment

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Travel to treatment is an important part of the intervention planning process and is typically a time of tension and hope.

Lifeline Law Saves Lives

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Returning students need to be educated about using The Indiana Lifeline Law designed to save lives and protect those who call for help. For more info call Heartland Intervention at 317-752-8811.

When Substance Abuse or Addiction Appears

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When families are faced with substance abuse or addiction, Heartland Intervention, LLC offers professional and independent guidance on assessment, treatment placement and intervention. Call us today at 877-752-8811.

After Treatment

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Addiction recovery can be complex. Heartland Intervention examines several factors that need to be considered once a person completes primary drug or alcohol treatment.

Not Hitting Bottom

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Waiting for a person to “hit bottom” is not a compassionate approach and can lead to lost jobs, spouses, freedom, health and life.

Getting Help

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Addiction robs people of their freedom, health, relationships and life. Heartland Intervention is here to help.

Getting What You Pay For

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Experience shows that while it is possible to get sober in both expensive and inexpensive treatment programs. Heartland Intervention, LLC looks at the value and cost of addiction treatment.

Best Possible Attitude

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Heartland Intervention works with families to develop the best possible attitude toward addiction and recovery.

Recovery Success Stories

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September is National Recovery Month. Heartland Intervention LLC is taking this month to celebrate success stories.


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Relapse erodes relationships and trust but does not have to be part of the recovery experience.