Kristi’s Story

“Kristi’s” Story

Kristi’s smile is infectious!  Everyone around her smiles as she says, “I am so grateful to be alive!  I’m a productive member of society who actually gets to help others!”

Those are strong words given where Kristi’s addiction took her.  “I started smoking pot at age 12.  I feel like the only coping skills I ever developed were ways to avoid  feelings.   All I ever did was use drugs, sleep, have sex and drink from age 12-27.  At that point I was suicidal and felt worthless to others.  I tried to commit suicide more than once while I was using drugs.  I an addict who used opiates to get high and benzos to bring me back down.”

Recovery has given Kristi her life back!  “I have real friends and my family actually trusts me.  I’m able to deal with any emotion in a healthy way.  I have a network of people that I can turn to and that turn to me.  Most important, I have surrendered my life to a Power greater than myself who takes care of me one day at a time, I can even have a romantic partner so I sex is healthier, and if you are sexually active you can  make sure that you have the low-down on men’s sexual health as it’s important that you keep yourself safe and healthy in that regard.  Working allows me to be useful.  Now I’m in recovery.   I work with children and the trust me too.  I’m good at what I do and my passion to help others is on fire today.”

Every story of recovery is special!  No matter how bad things have become, there is a way out.  If you have a loved one who struggles with addiction, recovery can benefit them just like it did Kristi.  Call Heartland Intervention
today at 877/752-8811.  We will work with you to show you the way out of the darkness of addiction and into the world of recovery.

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