Impact of Pandemic

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If what we all read is true, Covid-19, which has lingered into 2022, has impacted the entire world. Even those who have remained healthy notice supply chain issues, rising costs, labor shortages and more. For those with existing mental health or issues with addiction/recovery, the pandemic has brought about a whole new set of struggles.

In 2021, our office saw a record number of people who needed to get an assessment following a failed drug/alcohol screen or a legal issue related to substance use. While certainly not scientific, the increase is certainly not due to more marketing on our part. It seems to be because substance use has increased.

The Pandemic has caused Heartland Intervention to be nimble as well. Among these changes is that we are seeing a majority of our clients via secure video conference. ODAPC has allowed for these changes and we have streamlined some of our procedures to make sure we provide quality professional services for our clients. The quickest way to reach out to us during this period is via email. Our founder Scott J. Watson can be reached at He looks forward to hearing from you.

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