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Whether you are thinking about intervention or just preparing to take a loved one to treatment, selecting a treatment center can be a daunting task.  Ours is an age when the internet can often be accessed at a moment’s notice via a laptop computer or smart phone.  When it comes to selecting a treatment center, Heartland Intervention strongly suggests that it is a bad idea to base a selection on your own research.  Here are three reasons why.

Web Page = Belly Button

Don’t feel bad!  We live in an age where marriages begin with selecting a date from a website.  But websites are marketing tools…nothing more!  And web pages are like belly buttons…everybody’s got one.  Treatment centers (even bad ones) spend thousands off dollars to create websites in an effort to funnel prospective patients their way.  They tend to focus on amenities and ease of access while promoting hope to the desperate families.  Often they avoid troubling aspects like treatment outcomes, therapeutic philosophy, MAT and cost.  You will never see a website that says, “We are overpriced and our outcomes are poor.”.

More Than You Know

A friend used to remind me that most subjects involve “more than you know”.  This is true with treatment selection too.  Often the published length of stay or cost includes some flexibility.  In addition, regular referral partners may be able to secure a bed or a ride from the airport quicker than someone calling the admissions department’s general number.  Some centers are not set up to do evening or weekend admissions but may be willing to do one at the request of a referring professional.  Heartland Intervention works hard to develop professional relationships with the very best treatment centers across the country and throughout Indiana and the Midwest in an effort to best serve our clients.

Treatment Outcomes Matter

When a loved one finally agrees to seek help for addiction it is a significant event!  It is important not to waste time selecting the treatment center.  It is equally unwise to use one that is convenient but may not be appropriate.   Sometimes that means medically supervised detox, a dual diagnosis program or special treatment for trauma.  Websites often fail to mention these offerings or fail to mention that they are available only at a significantly increased cost.  The bottom line is that treatment outcomes are a significant factor in selecting a center.  At Heartland Intervention, we work with only the VERY  best so that our clients will have an opportunity at strong clinical outcomes.

One Final Note

It should be stated that Heartland Intervention receives no stipend, kick-back or rebate from any facility for referrals.  To do so would be unethical.  From time to time we will be treated to a meal or participate in a professional’s weekend in an effort to better get to know the programming staff and their philosophy.  As a Board Registered Interventionist and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and SAP, it is important that we remain independent so that we are always ready to best meet the needs of our Heartland Intervention clients.

If you have questions about treatment centers, please feel free to call us at 877/752-8811.

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