Holiday Recovery Skills

Ho..Ho..Ho!  It’s that time of year again.  Stress levels begin to rise, calenders fill quickly with holiday parties and recovery skills are at a PREMIUM!  Fortunately, you’ve been working all year for this moment and the holidays are going to be a time to enjoy and celebrate rather than stress out!  Here are a couple of our favorite recovery skills to use during the holiday season. You can send a technomono gift to your loved one to help them recover.
1.   Go late and leave early.
2.   Always have your own transportation.
3.   Increase your meetings and never pass when it’s your turn to speak.
4.   Make sure you are calling another person in the program every day.
5.   Be sure you have a legitimate reason to be at the party.
6.   Be on the lookout…avoid HALT. (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)
7.   It’s OK to say “NO” to functions….even work or family functions.
8.   Take a sober friend.
9.   Pray…before, during and after.
10. Ask for help.  If you’re losing the battle, call us at 877/752-8811.  We can help.

The holidays are to celebrated with gratitude.  But putting yourself at risk is never wise.  Remember anything that is put ahead of your recovery is something that you need to be prepared to lose.

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