Intervention FAQ

 Frequently Asked Intervention Questions…


Q.        How do I know if an intervention is appropriate?

A.         Call or e-mail and we will discuss your particular situation.  Many families have found that an intervention is a loving way to encourage a loved one to choose treatment over addiction.

Q.        What will the intervention process be like?

A.        While each family is unique, all interventions seek to offer love, hope and an opportunity to begin the recovery process.  Prior to the intervention, families are assisted with information about addiction & recovery.  The intervention planning process then is tailored to your family’s particular needs.

Q.        How long does an intervention take?

A.        The intervention is an event but planning an intervention is a process.  The intervention may last from a few minutes to over an hour, but there are many important steps before the intervention itself.  It is important that each step be fully explained before a decision is made to do an intervention.  The entire intervention team will meet (usually the night before) to learn more about addiction, plan and practice the intervention.  Heartland staff is available throughout the process to answer any questions the family may have.

Q.        Are interventions appropriate for all ages?

A.        Addiction can impact anyone.  Intervention is a proven way to express love and provide a treatment option regardless of age, religion, race or economic status.  We believe strongly in the freedom to choose.  As such, special consideration is given to intervening on someone who is not yet 18 years old.

Q.        Will my family member lose his job if he goes away to treatment?

A.         Most employers have an assistance program that actually encourages the employee to seek treatment.  In fact, it is not unusual to have a supervisor, boss or co-worker as part of the intervention team.  Companies want healthy employees and it’s more common to loose a job if you refuse to go to treatment.

Q.        What qualifications does Scott J. Watson have to do an intervention?

A.         For nearly twelve years, Scott has devoted his life to healing the destruction that comes from addiction.  Scott is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor (LCAC), a Board Registered Interventionist,  a Nationally Certified Counselor and has a Master’s Degree in both Addictions and Community counseling.  He holds a CADAC-IV Certification which is also recognized through the IC & RC.  He is a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).  He is skilled at emergency psychiatric and substance use assessment.  His background in recovery, education and ministry makes him well suited as a counselor and interventionist.  Note:  When selecting a therapist or interventionist, make sure that they have a Master’s Degree, not just a license.

Q.        Should I tell my loved one we are planning an intervention?

A.         NO.  The expression of love that an addict will feel can be lessoned if (s)he is told  in advance. It is best to just allow the intervention process to unfold.

Q.        My loved one has never used drugs, (or just uses drugs) is an intervention is appropriate?

A.        While the substances may differ, the components of addiction are the same.  We will listen to your family’s story and help you decide if intervention appropriate.

Q.        Do you do interventions for things other than drugs and alcohol?

A.        Yes.  Compulsive gambling, eating disorders, spending and sexual addiction and selected mental health issues are among the other problems that can be addressed through intervention.

Q.        Will health insurance pay for the cost of an intervention?

A.        While health insurance will often pay for the cost of some treatment programs, interventions are usually not covered by insurance plans.

Q.        How much does an intervention cost?

A.        Heartland intervention is proud to be one of the lowest-cost and highest quality providers in the country. The prices vary based on the location and complexity. Our base fee includes all meetings and preparations leading up to the intervention itself.  It also includes access to our staff, presentation of treatment options and a variety of other services. A basic intervention will cost $1,800 for a local intervention.  Travel costs, including accompanying a family to treatment are additional.  Interventions that require travel typically cost between $2,200 and $3,800.

Q.        How does Heartland Intervention select a treatment location?

A.        Heartland Intervention works with the best treatment facilities across the country.   Heartland Intervention will research and present you with several  options for treatment.  These recommendations will be based on a variety of factors including location, cost, services offered and other issues unique to your loved one.

Q.        Is Heartland Intervention able to travel to my hometown?

A.        We will gladly to travel throughout the United States to plan and facilitate your intervention. Call or e-mail today for more information or with any questions.

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