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Alcohol Assessment Following a DUI

Published on May 2, 2016 By swatson

Clients charged with DUI often find that an independent alcohol and drug evaluation from Heartland Intervention is useful in court.

Not Hitting Bottom

Published on March 9, 2015 By swatson

Waiting for a person to “hit bottom” is not a compassionate approach and can lead to lost jobs, spouses, freedom, health and life.

Great Things in 2015

Published on December 23, 2014 By swatson

The New Year of 2015 promises many exciting things for Heartland Intervention, LLC and the families that we serve.

Substance Use Assessments

Published on November 24, 2014 By swatson

Heartland Intervention is a leading provider of substance abuse assessments for those facing any number of legal issues in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Call 317-752-8811 today.

Getting Help

Published on November 10, 2014 By swatson

Addiction robs people of their freedom, health, relationships and life. Heartland Intervention is here to help.

Arrested: Three Critical Considerations

Published on August 26, 2013 By swatson

Heartland Intervention, LLC is a leading provider of substance use assessments following an arrest.  Often clients come to us facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI) which can also be charged at operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVWI), public intoxication, possession charges, underage possession or a variety of other legal issues.   These clients will […]

DUI: A New Beginning

Published on May 6, 2013 By swatson

When facing a DUI, it is wise to get an independent substance abuse assessment.

I Failed a Drug Test

Published on March 11, 2013 By swatson

Heartland Intervention, LLC provides substance abuse assessments for a variety of reasons.

Assessment Essentials

Published on September 5, 2012 By swatson

A substance abuse assessment from a qualified and licensed professional can be critical when facing legal charges.

Substance Abuse Assessment

Published on June 4, 2012 By swatson

Heartland Intervention, clients report that an early substance use evaluation can have many benefits for those facing legal issues.