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Heartland Founder Scott J. Watson is a frequent consultant on addiction issues.

Heartland Founder Scott J. Watson is a frequent conference speaker.  Scott trains on wide variety of topics including stress/coping, strong families, workplace motivation and personal development.  He is also available to consult on addiction/recovery issues.

Speaking and Presenting                                                                   

Heartland Intervention founder Scott J. Watson is a widely acclaimed and sought after speaker.  Scott speaks on a variety of topics including substance abuse, recovery, intervention, stress and coping as well as many non-clinical topics.  He is available for corporate training, leadership development, seminars and conferences in Indiana and beyond.  Contact him directly at 317-752-8811.


What Others are Saying about Scott

“Scott made me laugh and cry at the same time.”

“Scott’s stories were real-life and made me think.”

Scott is entertaining, caring and funny.  Have him back next year.”


Scott’s Speaker Bio


Scott J. Watson is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and founder of Heartland Intervention, LLC.  In addition to his private practice, Mr. Watson is an author, speaker, staff therapist and trainer at Solutions EAP and formerly was an Assessment Specialist in one of Indiana’s busiest emergency rooms.  A qualified DOT/SAP, Scott conducts many assessments for individuals and companies. Scott’s experience and background in mental health, broadcasting, education, emergency medicine and ministry gives him a unique ability to work with addicts and families.  Scott’s stories, personality and speaking style make him an audience favorite.  He holds a BA from Hope College, an Ed Cert from Indiana University and a MA in Community Counseling and Addictions Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University.  He is formerly a Board Registered Interventionist.

Known for taking a loving but firm approach with clients, Scott’s success rate as an interventionist is surpassed only by the approval and gratitude of those he works with and speaks to.  Scott has been committed to helping people find recovery for the past 13+ years.  In 1999 he published The Court Report:  Stories from the bleachers, fields and penalty boxes of life.  His second book, An Unlikely Journey: Surviving, Celebrating and Coping with Your Life was released in 2015.  He was the project manager for Kiritsis and Me:  Enduring 63 Hours at Gunpoint by former hostage Dick Hall and Lisa Hendrickson.  He is currently working on his next book.  Scott is grateful that his work gives him a “Front row seat to watch people’s lives change”.

Scott J. Watson resides in Indianapolis, IN and works as an interventionist, therapist, assessment specialist and corporate trainer.   Scott enjoys sports, bluegrass music, gardening and playing the dulcimer.  For 13 years he has fed thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail.  He is grateful for his wife Maureen, a physician and two young adult sons.


Books and More

The Court Report: Stories from the bleachers, fields and penalty boxes of life.

An Unlikely Journey: Surviving, Celebrating and Coping with Your Life was released in 2015.

Kiritsis and Me: Enduring 63 Hours at Gunpoint by former hostage Dick Hall and Lisa Hendrickson. (Project Manager)


Selected Speaking Engagements

Emergency Management Agencies of Indiana Conference, Indianapolis, IN: Five Things You’ve Gotta Know About Stress and Coping (October, 2016)

Desperate Households Conference, Columbus, IN: Dirty Words and Damning Messages (October, 2016)

Indianapolis Metro Police Department Wellness Symposium, Indianapolis, IN: The Triumphant Officer (April, 2016)

Prevent Child Abuse Howard County, Kokomo, IN: Responding to Addiction: Politicians, Police, Parents and Possibilities (April, 2016)

Prevent Child Abuse Howard County, Kokomo, IN: Good for the Goose…Good for the Gander: Stress and Coping for You and Those You Serve (April, 2016)

THE Institute for Strengthening Families, Indianapolis, IN: Various topics (April. 2016)

Drug Free Marion County, Indianapolis, IN: Panel Discussion Member (April, 2016)

Marion County Courts, Indianapolis, IN: Problem and Solution: Politicians, Police, Parents, Prisons and Possibilities (March, 2016)

Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Parks Division, Nashville, IN: Know, Sow, Grow and Flow: Sustainability for Parks and People (March, 2016)

Brown County Conference, Nashville, IN: Recovery Insights: Politicians, Police, Parents and Possibilities (November, 2015)

Palm Beach Institute, Palm Beach, FL: I Was Wrong! Lessons learned over 13 years in recovery. (October, 2015)

2015 INAFSM State Conference, Angola, IN: Stormy Water and Flooded Plains…Lessons in Leadership. (September, 2015) 

Food For Thought, Valle Vista Hospital, Greenwood, IN: A Therapeutic Journey: 7 things you can teach your clients that will help too. (August, 2015)

8th Annual Susan Li Conference, Indianapolis, IN: Dirty Words and Damaging Messages: Keys to family addiction and recovery.  (July, 2015)

10th Annual FTA National Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference, Atlanta, GA:  The DOT-Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP): Roles and Responsibilities.  (April, 2015)

Indiana Div. of Fish and Wildlife Annual Conference, Nashville, IN: Rekindling the Dream: Staying Afloat When the Going Gets Tough.  (March, 2015)

Domestic Violence Coalition (Indianapolis, IN) Five Things the Addictions Counselor Wants You to Know

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (Indianapolis, IN): Various Privately Titled Talks

Meadows Hospital (Bloomington, IN):  Drug Abuse Trends: What we are Seeing and What to do About it.

Indiana Counseling Association:  How are you Going to Help a Client if you are THAT Stressed Out?

Indiana Counseling Association:  Intervention and Substance Use Assessment

Great Lakes Parks Leadership Institute:  Confessions of a Camp Counselor 25 Years Later

Great Lakes Parks Leadership Institute:  How a Plate, Pen, Stream and Swiss Army Knife can Save Your Job, Marriage and Life

Indiana Motor Truck Association Young Leader’s Conference:  Substance Abuse, Use and Policy

Valle Vista Hospital “Food for Thought”: Substance Related Assessment and Intervention

Indiana Wesleyan University: Intervention…History and Practice

“Addiction:  The Problem and Solution” has been given to both general and clinical audiences throughout the Midwest on many occasions.

Call to Schedule Scott

If you would like Scott to speak to your event, call him today at 317-752-8811.  He is available for conferences, corporate events, clinical and social meetings.  


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