Substance Use Evaluations


Substance Use Evaluations

Heartland Intervention is recognized as a leader in substance abuse evaluations.  We conduct comprehensive evaluations for a variety of clients.  Evaluations come with diagnostic impression and recommendations for education and/or treatment where appropriate.  Paperwork is typically sent directly to the client in an effort to maintain the strictest possible confidentiality.

Legal Evaluations

Whether for court cases or probation, Heartland Intervention makes the process easy.  Clients facing DUI, possession, public intoxication, custody and workplace issues or other charges have found that getting an early evaluation can help.  Courts generally are pleased to see that defendants are seeking a solution.  Contact us today to learn how an independent professional substance use assessment can help you.

If you are facing legal charges…DON’T WAIT!  Call Heartland Intervention for a substance use evaluation which may lesson your sentence and help your case.

DOT/SAP Evaluations

Heartland Intervention is a preferred choice of many needing a DOT/SAP Return to Duty evaluation.  Our evaluations follow the Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 rules under the Omnibus Transportation Act of 1991 and its updates.  This includes truck drivers and others holding a Commercial Driver’s License.  We are aware of and consider the different Modal (OA) Rules as well as all updates concerning the Return to Duty Process.

Each DOT/SAP evaluation must be conducted fact to face.  The cost of the evaluation includes assessment tools, education/treatment recommendations, treatment monitoring, follow-up assessment and all compliance reporting.  DOT-covered employees are typically seen within 24 hours for their convenience.  Call 877-752-8811 today for your appointment.

MICCS/Non-DOT Evaluations

When employees need evaluations for their workplace, Heartland Intervention is where they turn.   Each week we conduct evaluations for employees and employers with the goal of getting folks back to work as safely and quickly as possible.  Call us today at 877-752-8811 for your appointment.

Other Evaluations

From parents worried about their children to small businesses concerned about liability, Heartland Intervention is here to help.  If you are concerned about substance abuse but not sure what to do, please call us.  A comprehensive evaluation will help determine the direction that should be taken to ensure the safety of the workplace or your loved-one.

Call 877-752-8811 today to schedule your assessment.

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 When an employee has a positive test or refuses to be tested or has one of DOT’s other violations, DOT requires the employer to immediately remove that employee from safety-sensitive functions.  The employee must either find a job outside of the transportation industry or complete the DOT Return to Duty Process.

The return-to-duty process requires involvement of a qualified and trained SAP.   (Substance Abuse Professional)

The SAP must conduct a face-to-face clinical evaluation of the employee and make recommendations for treatment and/or education.

The SAP must send a report to the employer, specifying the recommendation for treatment and/or education and must then monitor the employee’s progress.

The SAP must also re-evaluate the employee and determine if he is compliant.  Documentation of the compliance is then sent to the employer who may choose to offer the employee a Return to Duty test.


The SAP’s role in the entire Return to Duty process can be found HERE in CFR Part 40.