Additional Services


Treatment Facilitation

Families often call Heartland Intervention and ask how to get a loved one into treatment.  From time to time, a person is ready for treatment but unsure of where to go or how to access appropriate care.  Heartland Intervention works with the best treatment facilities from across the country.  If your family would like help accessing treatment for your loved-one, call us today at 877/752-8811.

Selecting a Treatment Facility

Heartland Intervention’s Scott Watson works with only the best treatment facilities from across the country.  Many factors go in to selecting a treatment facility.  Common factors include specialized care, cost and insurance options, location, length of stay and treatment philosophy.  Heartland Intervention stands ready to help you select the treatment facility that will work for your loved one.   We are not affiliated with any one treatment center.  That independence allows us to honestly evaluate and assist you in your time of need.  Click HERE for more about selecting a treatment center.

Why Use a Referral Service?

Many families are new to addiction.  They are scared, embarrassed and lonely when they reach out for help.  Heartland Intervention is available to answer questions and offer suggestions in an effort to support your loved-one’s decision to seek treatment.