Worried About Addiction?

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Choosing recovery is a decision that every member of the family must come to grips with. It involves good boundaries and willingness to change.

The Family Intervention

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Heartland Intervention details the process of planning an intervention for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We are a leader in intervention services in Indiana and beyond. Call 317-752-8811 today for help.

A Front Row Seat

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If you have an addicted loved one you’ve had a front row seat to watch their loved one spiral downward. At Heartland Intervention, we want you to experience the miracle of recovery which see all the time.

Don’t Wait…

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When a loved one has a history of substance abuse, don’t wait for a catastrophe before taking action to get them into treatment.

Chronic Pain and Addiction

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Chronic pain and substance abuse are tightly linked here in America.

Trends in Addiction Treatment

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Trends in addiction treatment are not all harmful but if not properly managed and discussed, they can lead to ethical concerns.

About Hitting Bottom

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what is to be said when a person’s bottom means losing a job, a spouse, a child, their freedom, health or even their life? It is rarely wise for a family to stand by, waiting for a loved one to hit a devastating bottom.

Does Intervention Work?

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While often perceived as a dramatic step, an intervention is designed to pierce the hallmarks of anger, denial and dishonesty and get person into substance abuse treatment.

Cost of Addiction

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Substance use and addiction can cost families way more than just money. Heartland Intervention, LLC is a leading provider of intervention and treatment facilitation. Call 877-752-8811 today to get help for your loved one.

Treatment Center Choices

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Whether you are thinking about intervention or just preparing to take a loved one to treatment, selecting a treatment center can be a daunting task.  Ours is an age when the internet can often be accessed at a moment’s notice via a laptop computer or smart phone.  When it comes to selecting a treatment center, […]