What About Weed?

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Not a week goes by that we are not asked about marijuana. Gone are the days of total taboo- “medical” marijuana is legal in 29 states and recreational use is nine.  A recent Gallup poll showed that 64% of Americans support its legalization.  Yet at the federal level, marijuana is still listed as a Schedule I drug with no therapeutic efficacy.

As a Substance Abuse Professional, Master Addictions Counselor and Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor the changing attitudes and laws make for murky water. Heartland Intervention is committed to providing appropriate and professional clinical services to individuals and families while also staying educated about the changing legislative and social landscape.

In Indiana, Marijuana remains illegal. However, the General Assembly did recently decriminalize CBD oil, even when it contains a small percentage of THC (the chemical that produces a high) in it.  If someone takes too much, they could fail drug screen offered by an employer or law enforcement agency.

When someone presents in our office for an assessment, it is important to listen to the client about their alcohol, drug and supplement use. Some can consume marijuana without consequences much like some are able to drink without a problem.  But for some, marijuana use has already become problematic or will lead to the use of other substances.  That is precisely why clients should use a master’s level therapist with experience in substance use assessment.

The laws and landscape around marijuana and other substances are likely to continue to change. If you have been arrested or are worried about a loved one, Scott J. Watson has the credentials and experience to help.  Call us at 317-752-8811 to schedule an assessment.

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