A DUI… Now What?

Heartland Intervention

It is a rare week when someone doesn’t call and say…”I got a DUI”.  Some have no addiction issue and others are not facing their first offense.   Regardless, a DUI, OVWI or OWI in Indiana can have significant impact on family, work and freedom.  Most agree, an independent substance abuse assessment is critical both to get help and minimize damage.

Heartland Intervention specializes in recovery from substance abuse issues.  Our founder Scott J. Watson is an expert and leader in the field.  We are not attorneys.  Still, experience tells us that those charged with DUI are far more likely to avoid jail time and have a reduced length of probation and license revocation if they are proactive.  This means getting a prompt assessment for substance abuse and mental health issues and following the recommendations for treatment and/or education as soon as possible.  It is FAR better for you or your attorney to demonstrate the the court that you are taking action.  This is done by getting an assessment promptly and focusing on the solution.  At Heartland Intervention, we conduct assessments for Indiana and many other states.  Mr. Watson is a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), a credential that if recognized across the country.

Anyone can get a DUI or similar charge.  Often, a person’s response to that is the most important factor in predicting a person’s future.  If you have been charged with DUI, don’t wait.  As assessment from a trained and qualified professional is an important first step .  Call Heartland Intervention at 877/752-8811 to schedule your appointment for an assessment.

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