Addiction in the News

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Recently a family member commented, “If you believe the news, drugs are taking over the world.”.  In fact, it is hard to watch a newscast or glance at the top five stories without noting that drugs, both legal and illegal, are playing a significant part.

Recently several medical doctors and their associates were arrested in Indiana and charged with running a “Cash and Carry” Suboxone distribution clinic.  Additionally, a couple described as “quiet” by neighbors were reported to also be running the largest illegal steroid distribution program in state history out of their kitchen.  While these  stories certainly do make the news (links are below) many families also are fighting private battles with alcohol, drugs and addiction everyday.

Heartland Intervention is a leading provider of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  We work with families to help them get their loved ones into treatment while also addressing dynamics that can make the struggles feel even worse.  Without help addiction always gets worse over time.

If someone you love struggles with addiction don’t wait.  Call Heartland Intervention today at 877-752-8811.  Scott J. Watson is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and media consultant.  He will work with you to discover what treatment options are available, even for those who aren’t ready to go yet.  Addiction is in the news everyday but you family does not need to be.

Link to Suboxone “Cash and Carry” arrests.

Link to Steroid Distribution story with Scott J. Watson.

Link to energy drink story with Scott J. Watson


Money and Treatment


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Addiction is expensive!  Reliable statistics indicate that 18% of all arrests have some tie to drug use and about 78% of those in jail/prison have used alcohol or drugs in the month preceding their arrest.  At Heartland Intervention we have had many families tell us that their loved ones steal, deal drugs, violate probation, prostitute and engage in other illegal  acts in an effort to maintain their substance abuse habit.  The cost of addiction extends far beyond just money.  It impacts relationships, the ability to hold a job, health, freedom and sometimes it costs one’s life.

Heartland Intervention is a leader in intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Families call us for help in an effort to get their addicted loved ones into treatment.  Many of these families have known the financial toll of addiction for years. It is common to worry about the cost of both treatment and intervention.

The truth is that the process of getting an addict into recovery is also expensive.  Heartland Intervention is committed to working hard for and with families.  Our rates for intervention are among the most affordable in the nation!  This is because we believe in the miracle of recovery.

The average cost of residential addiction  treatment is about $20,000 for thirty days.  But recently we placed someone in treatment for $5,000! Heartland Intervention works with families to find a treatment center that is both clinically appropriate and affordable.  This means using insurance, cash discounts, scholarship funds and whatever else may be available.

Many families have found that they were able to get quality treatment at an affordable price by using Heartland Intervention.  Access to affordable treatment continue to be an enormous issue in our field.  The addicted life is expensive and so is quality treatment.  Call Heartland Intervention today at 877-752-8811 to discuss how we can work to find affordable treatment for your loved one today.

Summer Hope

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Summertime is finally here and with it comes graduations, weddings, vacations and fun family outings of all types.  For most families it is a time filled with celebration and great hope.  But for other, drug and alcohol use make fear much more common that hope.

Recently, Heartland Intervention, LLC did an intervention on a bright young man who we will call Stephen.  Stephen was from a great family who was very well respected in the community.  He was a good student and a good athlete who had lost his way due to drug and alcohol use.  His first year of college had seen a decline in grades , friends and productivity.  His family and girlfriend feared he would loose his freedom, health or life if things continued.

As a leader in intervention services, Heartland Intervention was able to work with his family to construct a loving intervention which allowed for an end to addiction and an installation of hope through recovery.  The lifestyle of using and selling drugs is not one that most can easily walk away from.   But our lovingly structured intervention allowed Stephen to choose hope and treatment. Graduations and weddings are celebrations of the great life that is ahead.  Stephen’s family celebrated  too with smiles and tears of hope as he began his new life as a clean and sober person in recovery.

If someone you love is struggling with addiction, this summer is an excellent time to get them help.  Call Heartland Intervention at 877-752-8811 to learn more about intervention.  Hope is available for addicts, alcoholics and their families.

Drugs in the News

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Sadly never a week goes by when a drug-related story does not make the nightly news.  Perhaps the only upside of these stories is that families are more aware of where to turn when a loved-one who struggles needs help.  That’s the driving force behind Heartland Intervention’s Scott J. Watson frequent media appearances.

As a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and Board Registered Interventionist, Scott sees first-hand the impact of alcoholism and drugs in families and society.  “It’s important that we as a society can talk about addiction”, Watson says.  “It’s hard enough to get clean and sober as it is.  If society makes this conversation taboo, then more will struggle and more will die.”

Below are two recent stories featuring Heartland Intervention’s Scott J. Watson.


Watson WTHR thumbnail     WTHR Accidental Overdose Story

featuring Scott J. Watson, LCAC, SAP, BRI







WTHR 25I-NBOMe Story

featuring Scott J. Watson, LCAC, SAP, BRI

If you have questions about addiction or would like to explore recovery options call Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811.  Heartland Intervention is the leader in intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Our goal is to save lives and families by lovingly offering  recovery instead of addiction.  Don’t wait…call us today.

Loving Our Children


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Nearly everyday Heartland Intervention receives a phone call from a parent who is concerned about their child’s substance abuse.  Those “children” may be in their teens or fifties but parents feel the burden of addiction none the less. Often there is a sense of urgency because of grandchildren who are not being well cared for due to substance use.

These parents often are desperate and will detail in great length the decline in productivity, relationship and honesty.  The parents also recount the many attempts that have been made in a loving attempt to be helpful.  At once, they realize that their efforts have not worked and that the acuity of the addiction demands a change in strategy.

In such cases, Heartland Intervention works with the family in three distinct ways.  Most importantly, all steps need to be taken to ensure that young children are well cared for.  Secondly, we offer families clinically appropriate strategies designed to get their loved-one into treatment.  Finally, we work with the family to lovingly but firmly address the codependency and enabling that is a common element of addicted families.

If you are worried about someone’s drug or alcohol use, don’t wait.  Heartland Intervention, LLC and Scott J. Watson are a leading provider of intervention services and treatment facilitation in Indiana and beyond.   Taking action does not make addiction worse!  The ebb and flow of addiction always gets worse over time.  Call Heartland Intervention today at 877-752-8811 to discuss how we can help you.

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Transportation Safety


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When a child steps onto a school bus there is an assumption that the bus driver is sober.  When a 140,000 pound airplane surges down a runway, the passengers and their loved ones have an expectation that the pilot is not himself “a mile high”.  When a commuter steps onto the train that will carry her to and from a downtown office she may not ever wonder if the one in charge may have taken somebody else’s pain or anxiety medication.  This is because travel in the United States is among the safest in the world.

Heartland Intervention founder Scott J. Watson will be speaking this week at the 9th Annual Federal Transit Administration Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  As a DOT-qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Scott will be outlining the roles and responsibilities of employers, employees and the SAP in the DOT Return to Duty process as outlined in CFR Part 40.

Heartland Intervention and Mr. Watson take very seriously the safety of the travelling public.  As a DOT/SAP, Scott works with both employees and employers to make sure that they are compliant with the DOT rules for each of the six operating administrations.  Anytime there is a question about CFR Part 40, modal rules, or the responsibilities of the employer, employee and SAP we are here to help.

Heartland Intervention is a leading provider of DOT/SAP services in the United States and Central Indiana.  Call Scott directly today at 877/752-8811.  We would be happy to schedule an appointment for an assessment or to discuss how we may  help you or your company remain compliant and the travelling public safe.

“Want to be Normal”

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A young woman sat in our office with a sad look on her face.   Tears slowly rolled down Carrie’s cheeks.  “I just want to have a normal college experience.”, she said.    Having been arrested for DUI and Public Intoxication before she was old enough to have a legal drink, she still managed good grades in college.  Carrie’s problems hadn’t shown up in the class room but did when she began to drink.  Despite the desperate plea, her drinking history indicated that a “normal college experience” was not likely.

Carrie’s assessment indicated a troubling series of events that occur only when she is drinking.  Her alcohol consumption consistently came  with the potential for arrests, fights, blackouts and sexual exploits that she admits are both dangerous and embarrassing.  Often she says, “I can’t remember so I just rely on what my friends tell me happened.”  This had left her with low self-esteem and a general feeling of hopelessness.  Carrie listened as we explained that sometimes this is what early addiction can look like.  She agreed that hers is not the “normal college experience”.

At Heartland Intervention we understand Carrie’s desire to fit in and be able to drink like others.  Yet we know that addiction is a primary, progressive, a treatable yet fatal malady if treatment is not sought.  That means that Carrie’s pursuit of “normal” most likely provide more painful and dangerous circumstances.  Gladly, Carrie was willing to take action toward the hope of a better life.  One that would give her the best opportunity to truly be “normal”.

Heartland Intervention’s Scott J. Watson often says he, “Has a front row seat to see lives change.”.   Carrie completed  a recommended course of substance abuse treatment.  At first, she was not happy but soon began to be proud of her decision to enter treatment.   Recovery brought about a different perspective that allowed Carrie to see herself in a more positive light.  Recently, she received a token medallion for six months of sobriety.  She has returned to school and reports healthy friendships and even better grades.

If you are worried about someone, do not wait.  Substance abuse issues rarely get better on their own.  Call Heartland Intervention, LLC at 877/752-8811. We are a leading provider of assessments and intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Tell us your story and ask how we can help today.

Wealth, Privilege and Addiction

 Scott Watson, LCAC, SAP BRI

Addiction is in the news again and that means that the community is again discussing substance abuse and the fact that help is available.  For many families, addiction is real even when the well-known are not in the headlines.  At Heartland Intervention our message is clear…Help is available for all families who battle addiction!  Our founder, Scott J. Watson is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional.  We work hard to find a suitable treatment fit regardless of social status.

Heartland Intervention is a leader of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  We believe it is important to keep the discussion about substance abuse and recovery alive.  This is because addiction demands secrecy and recovery demands honesty.  Below are a couple of links featuring Scott J. Watson and his thoughts about addiction and recovery.

CLICK HERE for the news story with Mike Corbin on challenges facing celebrities with addiction issues.

If you have a family member struggling with substance abuse, call Heartland Intervention at 877/752-8811.  Addiction strikes regardless of societal boundaries.  But recovery is available as well!

Pain Relief or Killer?

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There is a new medication available this month designed to help those who battle chronic or severe pain.  The name is Zohydro and according to medical professionals it is 5-10 times stronger than Vicodin.  This medication was approved by the FDA despite an 11-2 vote from its own advisory panel against making it available.  Doctors, lawmakers, addiction professionals, attorneys general and others have strongly urged the FDA not to approve Zohydro stating that “…it will kill people as soon as it is released.”.  This is believable because unlike other drugs, Zohydro does not contain the abuse deterrent typically found in other opiates.

Here is the link to Scott J. Watson from Heartland Intervention, LLC discussing Zohydro on WIBC radio.

At Heartland Intervention, LLC we are concerned about adding any new fuel to the blaze of opiate addiction that burns throughout our country.  While it is easy to focus on statistics and worry about the problem, we believe that energy is best spent promoting available recovery.  There is no doubt that the statistics of drug addiction and overdose are overwhelming.  But behind every number is a person who likely is loved by a parent, child, sibling, spouse or friend.

If you have a loved-one who battles with addiction, there is help available.  Call Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811 today.  We are a leading provider of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Scott J. Watson is dedicated to saving lives and families by lovingly offering recovery using a structured and proven style.   No matter how bad things have become, recovery offers the best hope for relationships, marriages, jobs and life.

Heroin Death

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The recent death of noted actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman has renewed a dialogue about addiction and heroin use.  Recent discussions with other experts confirm that trends in New York City, Indianapolis and St. Paul, MN are nearly identical.  Heroin use is on the rise.  So is family devastation and other concerns common with addiction.  A drug once though of as taboo has been introduced to families across the country. It’s not just to movie stars who are dying.

Epidemic leads to heroin use

The rise in heroin use is a progression from the dramatic rise in prescription (opiate) pain pill  use and abuse that has been sweeping the country.  The CDC has called this an epidemic and prompted a national effort to increase education, monitoring, enforcement while encouraging proper disposal of medication that is no longer needed.  While useful, it is not likely that these efforts will step the tidal wave of addiction that is coming our way.  Prescription pain pills are expensive to buy on the streets and heroin often offers a cheaper, stronger and more available alternative.  Sadly, it also is more deadly.  While there are therapeutic doses of pain pills that are manufactured to standards, there is no standard dose or strength for heroin.  Addicts die from heroin USE not a heroin OVERDOSE.

A Way Out

Last week, Heartland Intervention, LLC founder Scott J. Watson appeared on Lakeshore Public Radio to discuss the trend of opiate addiction in Indiana.  It featured a very lively discussion about how best to treat opiate addicts.  The long-term use of medications both new and old is favored by some and scorned by others.   It is a passionate debate worth having and one that will likely grow over time.  What’s clear is that there are options for those seeking opiate replacement therapy or recovery from drugs all together.

Heartland Intervention is dedicated to lovingly offering recovery to people instead of addiction.  We are committed to helping those whose lives have been impacted by addiction.  As a leader of intervention services in Indiana and beyond we look forward to helping you.  Call us today at 877/752-8811.