Transportation Safety


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When a child steps onto a school bus there is an assumption that the bus driver is sober.  When a 140,000 pound airplane surges down a runway, the passengers and their loved ones have an expectation that the pilot is not himself “a mile high”.  When a commuter steps onto the train that will carry her to and from a downtown office she may not ever wonder if the one in charge may have taken somebody else’s pain or anxiety medication.  This is because travel in the United States is among the safest in the world.

Heartland Intervention founder Scott J. Watson will be speaking this week at the 9th Annual Federal Transit Administration Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  As a DOT-qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Scott will be outlining the roles and responsibilities of employers, employees and the SAP in the DOT Return to Duty process as outlined in CFR Part 40.

Heartland Intervention and Mr. Watson take very seriously the safety of the travelling public.  As a DOT/SAP, Scott works with both employees and employers to make sure that they are compliant with the DOT rules for each of the six operating administrations.  Anytime there is a question about CFR Part 40, modal rules, or the responsibilities of the employer, employee and SAP we are here to help.

Heartland Intervention is a leading provider of DOT/SAP services in the United States and Central Indiana.  Call Scott directly today at 877/752-8811.  We would be happy to schedule an appointment for an assessment or to discuss how we may  help you or your company remain compliant and the travelling public safe.

“Want to be Normal”

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A young woman sat in our office with a sad look on her face.   Tears slowly rolled down Carrie’s cheeks.  “I just want to have a normal college experience.”, she said.    Having been arrested for DUI and Public Intoxication before she was old enough to have a legal drink, she still managed good grades in college.  Carrie’s problems hadn’t shown up in the class room but did when she began to drink.  Despite the desperate plea, her drinking history indicated that a “normal college experience” was not likely.

Carrie’s assessment indicated a troubling series of events that occur only when she is drinking.  Her alcohol consumption consistently came  with the potential for arrests, fights, blackouts and sexual exploits that she admits are both dangerous and embarrassing.  Often she says, “I can’t remember so I just rely on what my friends tell me happened.”  This had left her with low self-esteem and a general feeling of hopelessness.  Carrie listened as we explained that sometimes this is what early addiction can look like.  She agreed that hers is not the “normal college experience”.

At Heartland Intervention we understand Carrie’s desire to fit in and be able to drink like others.  Yet we know that addiction is a primary, progressive, a treatable yet fatal malady if treatment is not sought.  That means that Carrie’s pursuit of “normal” most likely provide more painful and dangerous circumstances.  Gladly, Carrie was willing to take action toward the hope of a better life.  One that would give her the best opportunity to truly be “normal”.

Heartland Intervention’s Scott J. Watson often says he, “Has a front row seat to see lives change.”.   Carrie completed  a recommended course of substance abuse treatment.  At first, she was not happy but soon began to be proud of her decision to enter treatment.   Recovery brought about a different perspective that allowed Carrie to see herself in a more positive light.  Recently, she received a token medallion for six months of sobriety.  She has returned to school and reports healthy friendships and even better grades.

If you are worried about someone, do not wait.  Substance abuse issues rarely get better on their own.  Call Heartland Intervention, LLC at 877/752-8811. We are a leading provider of assessments and intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Tell us your story and ask how we can help today.

Wealth, Privilege and Addiction

 Scott Watson, LCAC, SAP BRI

Addiction is in the news again and that means that the community is again discussing substance abuse and the fact that help is available.  For many families, addiction is real even when the well-known are not in the headlines.  At Heartland Intervention our message is clear…Help is available for all families who battle addiction!  Our founder, Scott J. Watson is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional.  We work hard to find a suitable treatment fit regardless of social status.

Heartland Intervention is a leader of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  We believe it is important to keep the discussion about substance abuse and recovery alive.  This is because addiction demands secrecy and recovery demands honesty.  Below are a couple of links featuring Scott J. Watson and his thoughts about addiction and recovery.

CLICK HERE for the news story with Mike Corbin on challenges facing celebrities with addiction issues.

If you have a family member struggling with substance abuse, call Heartland Intervention at 877/752-8811.  Addiction strikes regardless of societal boundaries.  But recovery is available as well!

Pain Relief or Killer?

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There is a new medication available this month designed to help those who battle chronic or severe pain.  The name is Zohydro and according to medical professionals it is 5-10 times stronger than Vicodin.  This medication was approved by the FDA despite an 11-2 vote from its own advisory panel against making it available.  Doctors, lawmakers, addiction professionals, attorneys general and others have strongly urged the FDA not to approve Zohydro stating that “…it will kill people as soon as it is released.”.  This is believable because unlike other drugs, Zohydro does not contain the abuse deterrent typically found in other opiates.

Here is the link to Scott J. Watson from Heartland Intervention, LLC discussing Zohydro on WIBC radio.

At Heartland Intervention, LLC we are concerned about adding any new fuel to the blaze of opiate addiction that burns throughout our country.  While it is easy to focus on statistics and worry about the problem, we believe that energy is best spent promoting available recovery.  There is no doubt that the statistics of drug addiction and overdose are overwhelming.  But behind every number is a person who likely is loved by a parent, child, sibling, spouse or friend.

If you have a loved-one who battles with addiction, there is help available.  Call Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811 today.  We are a leading provider of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Scott J. Watson is dedicated to saving lives and families by lovingly offering recovery using a structured and proven style.   No matter how bad things have become, recovery offers the best hope for relationships, marriages, jobs and life.

Heroin Death

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The recent death of noted actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman has renewed a dialogue about addiction and heroin use.  Recent discussions with other experts confirm that trends in New York City, Indianapolis and St. Paul, MN are nearly identical.  Heroin use is on the rise.  So is family devastation and other concerns common with addiction.  A drug once though of as taboo has been introduced to families across the country. It’s not just to movie stars who are dying.

Epidemic leads to heroin use

The rise in heroin use is a progression from the dramatic rise in prescription (opiate) pain pill  use and abuse that has been sweeping the country.  The CDC has called this an epidemic and prompted a national effort to increase education, monitoring, enforcement while encouraging proper disposal of medication that is no longer needed.  While useful, it is not likely that these efforts will step the tidal wave of addiction that is coming our way.  Prescription pain pills are expensive to buy on the streets and heroin often offers a cheaper, stronger and more available alternative.  Sadly, it also is more deadly.  While there are therapeutic doses of pain pills that are manufactured to standards, there is no standard dose or strength for heroin.  Addicts die from heroin USE not a heroin OVERDOSE.

A Way Out

Last week, Heartland Intervention, LLC founder Scott J. Watson appeared on Lakeshore Public Radio to discuss the trend of opiate addiction in Indiana.  It featured a very lively discussion about how best to treat opiate addicts.  The long-term use of medications both new and old is favored by some and scorned by others.   It is a passionate debate worth having and one that will likely grow over time.  What’s clear is that there are options for those seeking opiate replacement therapy or recovery from drugs all together.

Heartland Intervention is dedicated to lovingly offering recovery to people instead of addiction.  We are committed to helping those whose lives have been impacted by addiction.  As a leader of intervention services in Indiana and beyond we look forward to helping you.  Call us today at 877/752-8811.


A Matter of Trust


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When a family is considering treatment for a loved one the issue of trust often comes up.  The behavior of the alcoholic or addict frequently has conditioned the family not to trust.  After hours of internet research and phone calls, one lady said that  the process of getting her daughter into treatment was as maddening as the addiction.  It is a process that requires a great deal of trust.

The first question, though often unspoken, is can we be trusted?  At Heartland Intervention, LLC we are a leading provider of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  We work to save lives and families by lovingly offering recovery instead of addiction.  We do this at a price-point that is both affordable and very competitive.

Families also wonder if the treatment center can be trusted.  The fact is that some treatment centers are easier to trust than others.  Recently we learned of a treatment center that was badgering a family for an admission.  The number of contacts and tone went well beyond good customer service.  The family was concerned, scared and getting angry when they called us for help.

The truth is that there are many treatment centers in the United States.  At Heartland Intervention, we work with only the best of the best.  Some are large and others are small.  Some are specialized and others offer a more basic or traditional approach.  Yet all of the treatment centers that we work with have two things in common: Their outcomes are good and they are easy to work with.

Most commonly families want to know if the whole process of recovery can be trusted.  The answer of course that the process of recovery, complete with ups and downs, offers the absolute best change at a better future.  Recovery from a drug addiction  is not easy.  It is not always fun, inexpensive or convenient.  Yet recovery is a giver of hope.

If you have a loved one who struggles, call Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811.  We are happy to answer questions that help your family.  We look forward to assisting your family in a way that builds trust.


Will They Go to Treatment?

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Heartland Intervention, LLC is a leading provider of intervention services in Indiana and beyond.  Over the years, we have learned that every family preparing to intervene with a loved one has a question.   “Will they go to treatment?” is asked regardless of the age, background or substance that is causing problems.

Truthfully, there are often three different answers to this question.    Experience tells us that between 85-90% of folks will enter treatment directly from the intervention.  Of the ten or so percent that don’t go right away, half will go in the next week as long as the family takes and maintains the actions required to support recovery rather than addiction.  The second answer is that the addict/alcoholic has all of the power and control regarding the decision to enter treatment.  They have all the cards and in order to be loving the intervention team must respect the right to say no.  Still, the intervention is designed to make that decision easy and hope-filled.  Finally, the question is also answered by reminding clients that we are responsible for our effort and not the outcome.  That means that great care is taken to assure the intervention demonstrates planning, a decision to support recovery and clear messages of love.  This makes the decision to go to treatment an easier one.

If you have a loved one who struggles with substance abuse call Heartland Intervention, LLC today at 877/752-8811.  Drug abuse and alcoholism ruin relationships.  Our founder, Scott J. Watson is dedicated to helping save lives and relationships by lovingly offering recovery instead of addiction.  We are willing to answer any questions about addiction, intervention and recovery.

Safe Travels

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The holiday season has many of us headed to visit loved ones while still others pack up and head to warmer areas for the Winter months.  Most of us take for granted the fact that travel in the United States is safe and mostly efficient.  However in recent weeks several commercial vehicle operators have been arrested for DUI.  This again brings the questions of safe travel into focus.

Heartland Intervention, LLC founder Scott J. Watson is a qualified DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) who is charged with helping to maintain the safety of the travelling public throughout our country.  A SAP is a specialized credential indicating a thorough understanding of substance use disorders, clinical assessment as well as the DOT Return to Duty Process for all of those in safety-sensitive or covered positions.

Employees who fail a random DOT test are encouraged to call us at 877/752-8811 and schedule a DOT/SAP assessment.  Employers are encouraged to use us as a resource to make sure that they are compliant with all DOT CFR Part 40 rules as it relates to substance abuse and return to duty.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Scott J. Watson will be speaking at the 9th Annual Federal Transit Administration Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference in 2014.  If you have any questions about your role or responsibility in the DOT return to duty process, call Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811.

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Home for the Holidays

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The old song says “There’s no place like home for the holidays…”.  The truth is that many of us look forward to either returning home or welcoming loved ones during this season of celebration.  But for others this holiday season is filled with drama, volatility and lots of fear about spending time someone who has a drug or alcohol or mental health problem.

At Heartland Intervention we are often asked about the wisdom of someone being away for treatment and missing a major holiday.  While every situation is different, the clinical factors regarding appropriate treatment generally need to outweigh the sentimental feelings regarding the holidays.  Take for instance two examples.

1. “James” was a high school student facing minor legal charges.  His family was at first resistant to his being away for Thanksgiving.  Even so, the decision was made to follow through because clinically his substance use and other behavior was impacting siblings, friends and others.  Treatment was needed….treatment was available and for that there was thanksgiving.

2. “Steven” was a married father of two who was not willing to seek treatment and be away from the family.  His drug use was remarkable and had begun to significantly impact his relationship with his wife and two kids.  For months the family had walked on egg shells and not been honest about how Steve had hurt them with his behavior.  When Steve refused treatment, the family took a stand to protect itself.  They would celebrate the holiday free from the drama that followed Steve everywhere.  Each family member abided by the decision and having spent the holiday alone in his own sorrow, Steve entered treatment the next day.  He later would say that had the family not finally gotten serious and honest about how they were affected, he might have NEVER gotten the help he needed.

Jack Ridl says the most important word in the English language is “with”.   But substance use and mental health can cause loved ones not to really be present even though they may be “with” us.  Given that, Heartland Intervention, a leader in Indiana interventions, seeks to save families, marriages and relationships by getting people who struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse the help that they deserve.  Call us today at 877/752-8811.

We’re Number One…

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A new report ranks Indiana as the leader in accidental drug overdoses.  While this is not good news, it can be expected given the nearly 400% increase in the use of opiate based pain pills.  It is important to remember that while statistics can be impressive, they represent sons, daughters and parents…not just numbers.

When people become addicted to prescription pain pills, all too often Heartland Intervention sees users move on to even stronger substances like heroin in an effort not to enter withdrawal.  The result is that unintentional overdoses can occur easily.  That’s why it is never wise to wait until someone “hits bottom” and it makes treatment a strong clinical consideration.

Recently Heartland Intervention, LLC founder Scott J. Watson appeared on WIBC to discuss this frustrating trend.  HERE is a link to the WIBC story.

If you have a loved one who is addicted to pain pills, prescription medication or heroin…HELP IS AVAILABLE!  Call Heartland Intervention today at 877/752-8811.  We believe strongly in abstinence-based recovery from addiction and work everyday with our clients in an effort to find them the treatment that they need and deserve.